Culebra Route

Santa Cruz de los Cuérragos

Regional Hunting Reserve of "Sierra de la Culebra" is the natural space that guides this tour to go into the regions of the Carballeda on one hand and Tábara, Alba and Aliste. on the other


• Tábara: birthplace of Leon Felipe. Romanesque Church of Santa Maria of the XII century.
• Villanueva de Valrojo: Famous for its traditional carnivals with colorful costumes and cowbells.
• Villardeciervos: Historical Declared for its rural architecture. 
• Riomanzanas: Beautiful countryside. The village retains a housing complex where to appreciate the architecture    of the area: wooden balconies, slate roofs and stone walls. From Riomanzanas you can conduct a nice trip to Peña Mira (1.243m) and thence approach Santa Cruz de los Cuérragos, declared Ethnographic Complex
• Nuez and Sejas de Aliste: visit traditional mills and shades, kneeling stone walls separating estates
• Alcañices: capital de Aliste. Impress its Clock Tower, ancient tower of the wall and the convent of San Francisco, now a cultural center and home to the tourist office.• Bercianos de Aliste: Famous for its sober and emotional Holy    Week, declared of Regional Tourist Interest
• San Vitero y Rabanales: known for its exquisite "Alistan beef"
• Moveros: Active pottery center.
• Castillo de Alba: Retains the remains of a former military fortress.
• Puente Pino: first iron bridge built in Spain
• El Campillo: church of San Pedro de la Nave, VII century, Visigothic
• Ricobayo: First large hydroelectric dam built in Spain
• Villalcampo: place of confluence of the River Duero and Esla where stands the hydroelectric dam on the Villalcampo dam.


Ruta de la Culebra

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