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The milling tradition in the province of Zamora historically translated into the construction of more than one thousand water mills that were used for grinding flour until electricity was commonly used. In 1996 a group of industrialists got together to bring back the flour used to make a bread with traditional texture and quality. Six years later the Marca de Garantía Harina Tradicional Zamorana was born, bringing the flavour of the "pan de pueblo" back to the province's palates.

This flour is made from "triticum aestivum" and "triticum durum" wheats, at least 10% stone ground. The seal of guarantee certifies that the product meets with common requirements pertaining to quality, composition, geographic origin, technical conditions and method of production.

The bread made with this flour has an aroma and flavour similar to traditional artisan bread. Above all, the shelf-life of the product is increased.

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