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There are numerous celebrations that take place throughout the year, with 365 days of festivals spread out over the province of Zamora. A strong popular element still remains, linked to each village's customs, going back to ancient beliefs and ancestral rites. This all combines with and adds to new events to contribute to the enrichment of festivals in this province.

Different types of celebrations occur depending on the seasons and religious calendar.

Early in the year, the winter "Antruejo" festivals begin before the Lenten celebrations of Carnival. These festivals begin at Christmastime and end on Ash Wednesday.

Springtime is the period of processions, the feasts of patron saints in the shrines and the time to go out to celebrate the natural rebirth of spring.
In the summer, the bull becomes the focus, with more bullfights, bull runs and bull events.

Autumn is the time for grape harvest and festivals are focused around pressing the grapes into must. There are various celebrations based on this and other products of the earth, such as El Magosto, a celebration that celebrates the chestnut harvest.

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