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The creation of the Alistan Veal Guarantee Seal responds to the need to differentiate a high-quality product from the rest on the market. The brand is owned by the Asociación para la Promoción de la Ternera de Aliste (APTA) of Zamora.

The use of this brand name is dependent on the Alistan region, where the production of this veal is based, since although it is also produced in the regions of Sanabria and Sayago, the majority of registered operations are found in Aliste. For protection by this quality seal, livestock must be one of the following breeds: Alistana-Sanabrian, Sayaguesa, Parda Alpina, Fleckvieh, Charolais or Limousine.

Products with the Ternera de Aliste seal are classified according to the age and weight of the animal: milk-fed veal, rose veal and pasture-raised veal.

Thanks to the Alistanos, an important focus on purity has been maintained, today making it possible to consider its preservation and even future return.

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