Microcuisine: Tapas

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The microcuisine phenomenon, which highlights the traditional tapa, has been so well received by Zamoran restaurant and hotel owners that the traveller, the tourist and the inhabitants of the capital of Zamora and regional capitals consider it to be another element of Zamoran gastronomy.

At different times of the year, when tapas competitions and other similar events take place, bars and restaurants display their creative abilities, providing customers and guests with a dynamic, flavourful image of so-called microcuisine in Zamora.

This way of hitting the streets to easily enjoy good food suits the Zamorno, prompting the association of hotel and restaurant owners to put in place the initiative, "De Tapas por Zamora". Celebrated since 2006, during this competition, the participating establishment prepares a tapa, preferably prepared with products from Zamora, and sells it to the public for one Euro. As an event that was specially created for popular participation, every eatery receives a sealed ballot box where customers deposit their votes. This tapa festival has spread to the municipalities of Benavente and Toro.
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