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In all Castilla y León, Zamora is the quintessential cheese-producing province, with a large population of Churra and Castellana sheep.

The milk of these two breeds is made into milk protected by the Protected Zamoran Cheese Denomination of Origin, which regulates the work of dozens of producers and close to 90 ranches. Every year nearly half a million kilograms of cheese go to market with this quality seal. Receiving its own Denomination of Origin since 1993 is an excellent way to conquer the domestic market and have a presence in foreign markets.

The product of the Protected Denomination of Origin (DOP) is a mature, fatty cheese. It has a characteristic flavour, well developed and intense. Buttery and persistent on the palate, it is not excessively strong, but is slightly sharp.

Its texture is firm and compact, with good density. It is ivory or yellowish in colour. Its minimum maturation time is fixed at 100 days, although it takes six to eight months for its flavour to develop fully.

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